What Others Are Saying...

Aaron Carlson
Executive Director at Friends of CAIC

Being a small nonprofit we continually struggled with finding an accounting solution that worked for us. Then Crystal came on board and took control of our situation. She worked efficiently and effectively with myself and my board to establish an accounting process that worked for us as an organization. Crystal continually delivers above expectations. She has created accounting control systems within our organization that are systematic, well documented, and in line with current accounting practices. Having Crystal on board has allowed us to be more confident in our financials which in turn gives us more time to focus on our mission.  

Sarah Reichling CPA
Manager at CliftonLarsonAllen

I have worked with Crystal in an auditor/auditee relationship at Water For People for the past 5 years and with both her coming on board and others, the audit experience has seen a great deal of improvement on both sides.  With the continued growth and complexity of this great organization, it took a team of individuals to evolve with it in terms of day to day accounting.  Crystal led that team through most of the day to day activities including consolidation of the international field offices as well as dissecting the extremely diverse number of grant agreements that they received.  

Janis Avery
Executive Director at Treehouse

Crystal took the accounting reigns after a period of instability. She quickly assessed the work that needed to be done, established time lines, reported to her director and the Finance Committee about the work and support needed. Then, she systematically and effectively completed every one of the items, delivering a completely accountable and well-documented accounting system so that the agency completed an audit with no findings and an enthusiastic audit team. She has created systems that are efficient and effective, easily assumed by the person who will replace her. We will miss her!

Randy Clark CPA
Randy Clark CPA Inc PC

I've been on the Finance Committee for Treehouse for over 10 years, and it would be hard to put any of the finance people who've worked at Treehouse over the years ahead of Crystal in terms of overall quality and productivity. Crystal came in to Treehouse and inherited a bit of a mess, and didn't always have the right financial leadership to guide her. She did a terrific job of cleaning things up without making excuses for the sins of others in the past. Crystal is very good at finding solutions to problems and doesn't use roadblocks as an excuse for inaction. She readily asks for advice when her own knowledge hasn't produced the desired outcome, and is always looking for ways to improve herself and the process. It is always a pleasure working with Crystal.


Heather Glasgow
Controller at The Salvation Army

Crystal has a broad working knowledge of GAAP and non-profit accounting. She excels at thinking outside the box and creating efficiencies where none existed previously. Crystal is a highly skilled technical accountant and her commitment to non-profit organizations is highly visible in her resume.